Heating Up

We’re well into May here and have yet to have a 100 degree day. This is a good thing, and it’s a late time to not have had the triple digits yet. I hear that we’re supposed to get there this Thursday. Should be fun.

The family is good. Gwenyth doesn’t seem too happy sometimes. She cries quite a bit and has got some pipes on her, so you certainly know it when she cries. Abby and Grace both finish school soon. Abby keeps telling us that her last day of school is May 25th. She keeps telling me that she wants to go to a museum this summer to see the dinosaurs. I’m thinking that maybe we can go to Thanksgiving Point up in Utah when we go for the family reunion.

Other things are going well, generally. There are some potentially big changes coming up in our lives, but I’m often too hesitant to pull the trigger on some of them. Part of me worries about the practicality of it all and part of me worries about the apearance of it all. Yet another part of me just wants to go for it. One things for sure, though, is that I don’t get as much sleep as I should. Sob story, I know.