I don’t know why

I’m ever surprised by anything that happens in this house. Especially with Lucy and Gwenyth. I mean, how could I ever be surprised to find this in Gwenyth’s room (after a supposed nap):



When this is your big sister?



Gwenyth doesn’t have a chance! It got even better after lunch as Lucy donned her pink scarf to go with her bag lady hat and rock star glasses for preschool.

Update: Catherine (and Julie, actually) asked what that is in Gwenyth’s room. The papers are Julie’s sewing machine manual that Gwen ripped the pages out of one by one. There’s also an entire package of wipes dispersed throughout the room.

Happy 2008

A little late, perhaps. Life has forced the beelog to take a backseat. Luckily, Sean has been keeping up the slack with thought-provoking stories of life in north Mesa. Central Surprise isn’t as happening, I guess.

We had a ragin’ New Year’s Eve party with some friends. Here’s what you get when you mix Mormons and Martinelli’s:

Welcome 2008!

Amy & confetti

New Years Eve celebration

We were also able to make the Elcock crab fest for the first time in way too long.

Crab fest New years day

Followed by some hot tub action

Hot Tub fun

Our first nearly 4 weeks of 2008 have been good. We’ve stayed relatively healthy, except for a few sniffles and coughs in the last few days. And, while my own resolutions inevitably fall to the wayside, my girls have come up with their own goals for the new year.


  1. Not be so bossy
  2. Be more polite

Here is Abby’s hand-written text: “Try to be less bossy by not giving commands often and not yell. Try to more polite by saying please and thank you, and wait in turn. Try to remember things by using my brain before I forget. Work hard! Don’t cry, pout, or wine!”


  1. Go to bed on time
  2. Don’t cry so much


  1. Learn how to say please and thank you
  2. Learn to share toys with my sisters


  1. Learn to use potty
  2. Learn to sleep in a big girl bed


  1. Exercise more
  2. Keep a clean house


  1. Get up earlier
  2. Get 4 extra projects going


  1. Eat healthy food
  2. Read scriptures each day

Nothing too over-reaching, but still challenging enough that we need to think about it. Every single day, in fact. What I didn’t realize is that I needed to include something about Rock Band in my goals. Or at least Guitar Hero. But then I guess that would probably necessitate my changing one or more of my other goals. So maybe it’s good that I didn’t include that. Plus, the image of Luke Davies with his rock star glasses, his brother Mason striking a pose as the lead singer, Grace pounding on the drums, and Abigail strumming the geetar. I don’t know . . .

I also have been given daily goals by my lovely wife. The house has been in an all-too permanent state of disrepair lately. There’s a lot of painting and patching to do yet, and I’m afraid I will be unable to shirk my duty much longer. This may even require my foregoing racquetball Tuesdays. Hopefully it doesn’t get that bad.

Work for me has been busy lately. Yes, Jana, I do work. We had a presentation to Apple yesterday that went very well. We are looking to get their rebate business. Julie has been asked to work with the young women at church, which means I get to work more with the younger women at home, which is fine. She’s also been asked to speak in a meeting this weekend, which she forever stresses about. But I’m looking forward to inspiration about nurturing your family through the Gospel. I think I threw off her thinking a little bit when I reminded her that “family” included me. Nurturing me. She looked at me like I had 3 heads.

It’s been a wonderful January in the desert, weather-wise. Cool enough to wear sweaters, but still nice enough to look out the window at the nice sunshine. The rain last night is supposed to give way to much more tomorrow night. Hopefully the desert blooms this spring.

With the economy heading in the tank, you’ll have to help me out by clicking on the ads. I signed up for Google AdWords in 2004 sometime, hoping for early retirement due to my vast audience. I keep waiting for a check. Unfortunately, they don’t send a check out until you’ve reached $50. So maybe the retirement will have to wait. But I figure that almost $50 in almost 4 years isn’t too bad, is it?