Start of Fall

We’re well into September now, which in Phoenix means that the temperature is no longer above 100 degrees every day. We’ve had some really nice nights lately. Nice for us means about mid 60s at night. Sure beats 90 or whatever it is during the height of summer. Of course it also means that the swimming season is coming to a close. With our thinned-out blood, anything below 75 degrees is too cool. Really. And it’s amazing how quickly the blood thins.

I received some news last week that literally took my breath away. The man who interviewed and hired me at Mercer, Art Wright, passed away last week. He had liver cancer. He’s been out since April, but this was certainly not expected. My last conversation with him in April was interesting. I asked him how he was doing, and he said he was doing OK. He then said that if I believed that, he had a bridge to sell me. I had no idea how sick he was then. I had no idea how this would affect me. Art took a chance on me back in the day, and I’ll always appreciate that. Who knows where/what I’d be without him doing that.

We celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday last week with a surprise party at Catherine’s. My mom was genuinely surprised. My birthday is next week. I’m a year older. Woot! The girls are doing well. I’ll have some more pictures in the next week or so.