Tulips in Phoenix? In February?

Here are a few pictures of some tulips that have come up out in the yard. Tulips in Phoenix — there’s an interesting combination. And at the end of February at that. I wonder how many tulips are up around North America at this point? Probably not many.

Yeah, I’ll take the heat anytime. Of course, some rain would be nice as well. It’s been something close to 132 days since rain. It’s being forecast for tomorrow night. I’m not holding my breath.


The Home Stretch

Officially, Julie’s not due until March 24, about 4 weeks away. We’re all getting pretty excited for the big event. Abigail and Grace are coming up with all kinds of ideas for names and what not. Julie just told me that Abby’s latest suggestion was Giselle. I’ve also heard Alice, Sabrina, Rosa (in honor of Rosa Parks), and others come up. She’s got quite the imagination and justification for each. We’ll see what it ends up being.

Life has been pretty good. We’ve been pretty low key as we’ve all taken turns getting sick and feeling sorry for ourselves. Pathetic, really. But we’re over it now. Julie ended up hating her sewing/embroidery machine, so we took it back. I got a new digital camera (another Canon). Hopefully I can keep track of this one. Now I just need to get a video machine before the baby comes.

We spent this weekend out at Michael and Alison’s house in Queen Creek (or was it Tucson?). They showed us their new house. It looks pretty sweet. Michael’s tryinig to get me to move out there. There’s one model that’s pretty incredible. But it’s a bit far and a bit much. Who knows what will end up happening. I’ll keep all of my loyal readers updated.

Speaking of updated, here are some new pictures:

Isn’t she lovely? 🙂

All of them. 1 more to add in a few weeks. Amazing.

My 4 girls

And, finally, Lucy swatting anything and anyone with the fly swatter. What a nut.

As before, here’s the flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/midder/

Trenton Makes, The World Takes

I’m in New Jersey tonight. Trenton, to be exact. We flew into Philadelphia and then drove the hour or so to Trenton. I’m here for a meeting with the state of NJ to talk about automating their financial reports and making them available online. We’ve done that sort of thing for PA, so it should be a good demo.

I really don’t like travelling. Security is just nonsense and the whole grind is just a bit too much. I’d rather be home trying to figure out how I’m going to get Lucy to bed instead of here trying to figure out how I’m going to be able to go to sleep.

Work is going well. Things seem to be picking up in the new project category, so that at least keeps it interesting. We’ll see how it goes.

My rails development continues. I’m learning more daily and it’s pretty fun to work in. It’s much better on my iMac than it is on this windows machine, mostly because Locomotive is good.

I spoke to Julie and the girls tonight. Sounds like all is OK on the homefront. I’ll be back Thursday afternoon.

She’s Back

Well it looks like we survived the trip. I got good at doing hair and getting the kids ready for school. Julie got home and realized that she really had a good time. One of our conversations yesterday went something like this:

Me: How are things?

Julie: Lucy pulled off more wallpaper! I spanked her a few times and she just laughed at me!

Me: Are you missing St. George?

Julie: Yes . . . [inaudible] . . . aarrgh! Lucy! . . . Oh . . . when are you coming home? . . . Lucy! Get over here! . . . I gotta go.


It was a good day.

Julie’s already going crazy on Abby’s new room. She finished painting it tonight. We’re all high and feeling good. She got her wunder sewing machine today. Hopefully it’s as vunderbar as she says it will be.

The family’s doing good. Catherine had her baby on Monday (1/31/2006). Isabelle Kay is her name. Zach is already talking like the WT he is about taking her out shooting. Poor girl.

Grandma Kay had surgery a few weeks ago. She fell pretty hard and needed to have her hip replaced. She looked pretty shaky there for a while, but I guess she just must have gotten sick of the rehab because she amazed the nurses with her resilience and came home. Suzi is here this week. I’m sure both of them are wondering where her #2 grandson is. Hopefully we’ll see them before Suzi leaves.

Work is OK. I “get” to go to New Jersey this week to try and drum up some more business. Mike, my “ex-boss” is going, so that will make it more bearable.

I’m still waiting for the paperwork for the new multi-million dollar company. I may have something lined up, so I’d better get my product going.

All for now.