Where’s Momma?

Julie left this morning for St. George, UT, with her sister, Nancy. They’re going to see Lisa (another sister). Her son is leaving to be a missionary in New Zealand, so there’s a big to-do up there. Julie was a little bit too excited to drive away sans kids.

We’ve made the best of it here. We went to Home Depot early this morning. I got some new filters for the air intakes, seeds for the garden (Grace demanded that we plant a garden today), and some flowers. It was pretty fun.

If you haven’t heard, it hasn’t rained in Phoenix now for 102 days, a new record. That, combined with the havoc that the tractors and cement crew played on our garden by running over it countless times and mixing in the purple-colored pebble tec, makes for some hard dirt. I put a lot of water on it. It’s such clay out there that it basically held the water in like a dish. We ended up planting lots of tomatoes, carrots, and beans. We have plenty of other seeds, which we “need” to plant, but we don’t have much room left.

Later, the girls wanted to go to Macayos for dinner. Not wanting to make Mac and Cheese again, I relented. Abby and Grace got the all-time Mexican favorite, chicken strips. Lucy pounded a quesadilla, and I got what I always get, a Baja Chimi. Good stuff.

Now we’re home with Spencer and Samuel (from across the street) watching the Flinstones. Bedtime is close.

The best thing about today? I did their hair all by myself! I’m very proud. Hopefully Julie doesn’t get too used to this.

Where does it all go?

Time, that is. It’s crazy how it gets away from us. Tonight I came home to my oldest daughter, Abigail, wailing and moaning on the couch due to an ear infection. I have 3 girls and I think this is the first ear infection in our family.

Julie’s got all kinds of projects going on, which means that I’ve got all kinds of projects going on. The nesting instict has kicked itself into high gear a bit early this time around. We’ve moved Abigail into her own room and Lucy in with Grace. I just don’t know what to say about Lucy other than she’s a nut. She’s a happy nut. Remember that camera I bought that I was so excited about? Well I think she threw it away somewhere. Either that or it got stolen when Julie gave my sister Catherine a shower last week. And I’ve got to think the former . . .

Side projects are going very slow. I did officially begin the process of forming the LLC. It’s going to be BCE Solutions. Incredibly clever, I know.

I’m NOT an Oracle DBA

I really despise Oracle. It’s a great database and works ridiculously well, but it’s just entirely too complicated and difficult to get setup for most standard applications. I’ve got an application I’m trying to get running and it’s driving me crazy. I guess there’s a reason Oracle is often used with Java/J2EE applications.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to rewrite the application in Rails (and use a different database), but I’m not sure what the client will think. It needs to run on Apache, but apparently they run their webapps on Tomcat. It would be kind of fun to use Tapestry on a real, full-blown app, but I don’t really have the time for that right now. We’ll see. Maybe I could write it how I want it, host it myself, and go from there.

I guess I just needed somewhere to vent since this Oracle import is driving me crazy and it’s 12:22AM.