School Shopping

Well, Target has a bunch of school stuff on sale, and we had to get down there before the unwashed masses cleaned the place out. Tonight I took Abigail and Grace to go school shopping. They’ve been saving their sheckles for a while and were excited to spend their money on all of the important stuff. So we went. They were both decked out in their pajamas, night masks, and sandals. It was pretty exciting.

We waded through boxes and packages of crayons, pencils, glue, folders, lunch boxes, and other sorted varieties of treats and fun. We passed on the Sponge Bob and Bratz folders and went for just the stuff that was “for sale” (on sale) only. We got home, where they both promptly ripped everything open, filled up their pencil boxes, and handed over $10 each for their school preparation. Now we just have to make sure that everything is still there by the time school starts. They’re so excited that they might run through it all.

In other news, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, broke high temperature records at 118, 116, and 114, respectively. I missed a lively round of Golf with Michael, Zach, and Dad on Friday that was no-doubt incredibly refreshing. I hear that Dad ended up jumping in the lake to stay cool. Maybe one of these days the thunderstorms I keep hearing about and seeing on TV will reach us.

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