The first day of school

Today was the first day of 2nd grade for Abigail and the first day of kindergarten for Grace. They were more than a little bit excited. The morning started off interesting enough. Actually the interesting part of it started last night when neither Julie nor I were able to sleep. Our schedules have been so out of whack — staying up so late — that we weren’t able to go to bed. So that was a little rough. Then, at about 6:30, I got a call from concerning an emergency with one of our databases. So in between trying to quell that fire and trying to get everyone ready, it was a little hectic.

In the end, though, everyone got off OK and everything went well. The girls looked cute and excited. I posted some pictures out on Flickr:

Yesterday we were able to see Grandma Kay and Aunt Susi. Grandma looked great and it’s always exciting to see Susi. Maybe Uncle Mikey will make it down one of these days as well, grumpy old man that he is. Or maybe we’ll even make it up to Moab. He says he wants people to visit, but I’m afraid he’d only be good for a day or so before he’d want us to leave. Maybe we’ll test him out.