We have returned

Whew! That was a long absence. I have gotten the sense that more than a few of you have spent your days twitching because of the withdrawals. I sort of picture it as what would happen to my dear Mother should she have to go without Diet Coke for too long. Just way too much suffering for any human being to be able to endure.

We had a great time up in Utah. We rented the condo of a friend of a sister of a friend of a friend’s. They are in Law School (I think?) and are in California for the summer doing the intern thing. So we had a nice place to setup camp for the nearly 4 weeks we were in Pleasant Grove. 3 bedrooms, 2 (and 1/2!) bathrooms, with a small, but very functional trampoline out back. We only hope that the place survived. We think it did.

We went to Park City, up the canyon for picnics (and saw a moose!), to sliding rock up north of Alpine, and all sorts of fun places. We spent some good time with Julie’s parents, who seem to be doing well. I got beat handily by my sister in law in racquetball. Of course I played with some friends here in AZ on Tuesday night and got beat handily there as well. Maybe I’m not as good as I think I am.

I also got reacquainted with office life. There’s so much potential material there for The Office that it’s really quite depressing. But it was good to walk around and pretend to be relevant again. Now I will go back and crawl in my hole as I conquer the world from afar.

On the way back home, we had a nice stop over in Bryce Canyon for a Jenkins family reunion. As per the norm, I was the life of the party. I think. Bryce Canyon is an incredible place. I highly recommend it. There’s nothing like it on earth, I’d imagine. I imagine that because only about 30% of the people there spoke English as their native tongue. So apparently the falling dollar is helping these folks come over here for a song. And speaking of high, I didn’t know that the elevation was so high at Bryce. The resort/hotel place we stayed at must have been about 7800 feet. We drove up to a spot at the south end of the canyon that was 9100 feet! Wow. It was strange to wear a sweater and jeans on Saturday night at the rodeo (I’ll tell you later) and then be melting in the pool Sunday night in AZ.

We have lots of pictures to share, whether you like it or not. We’ll get them organized and shared as soon as we can. Lots happening. Julie is finally looking like she’s pregnant and is just lovely. The girls start school on August 11. So things are a-happening.

More later. Not 30+ days later. Maybe just a few.