The Nester is in a Fester

This is Julie for a change. It is true the nesting has kicked into turbo mode since we got back from Utah. Brian was probably so relieved to get out of town for two nights 🙂 It is a good thing though because Abby and Grace have been literally been living in complete squalor for almost the past year. Their room was a place I didn’t like to enter nor stay long. This craziness all started a couple weeks back when we had a date night at Ikea and ended up purchasing a bed. The bed led to bedding which led to paint and then curtains and painting all furniture (ugh)! It isn’t from the pages of Better Homes and Garden’s but it is much better than the before picture below. This is painful to even show…

ugly but true before picture--it was that BAD

Here’s the Afters

a place to lay their heads
Got the french provincial dresser on Craig’s list for $40–what a steal (love the hardware) Big shout out to Michael and Ali for hauling it to us from the East side!

This is a cheesy old faux oak computer armoir we repainted

This desk/armoire had to be repainted from the move(s). It used to be a cheesy faux oak finish desk–it’s looking a little more girly these days. The girls are excited to have a place to do their homework and I’m excited to have a place to keep all their treasures aka junkie stuff. Abby asked me when she’s going to get a laptop. I asked her if she had a thousand or so dollars–things got real quiet.

found this chest near a dumpster at U-haul

found this dresser near a dumpster at UHAUL–add a little paint/hardware–good as new!

new bedding

Now to finish off Lucy & Gwen’s room, start on the nursery, make curtains, finish painting the house and banisters—-uh ya right!!! BRian come home–I NEED HELP–my Brains going to explode!!

Where did the summer go?

Oh that’s right. It’s still here. We’re in the desert after all, right? It still *feels* like summer, since my pool is about 90 degrees or so. But we’re down 2 kids during the day (and 3 on Tuesdays and Thursdays!) so work from home life is a little less hectic. Barely.

Abigail started 4th grade. Grace started 2nd. And Lucy started preschool. They all seem really pleased with their teachers and we’re just pleased as punch that they’re so excited about school still. I’m thinking that they’ll get really ornery about it one of these days, but it works well for now.

new backpack

Grace 2nd Grade

Lucy starts preschool--big 4!

off to school!

Last weekend Grandpa was nice enough to take us all out on the boat. We hadn’t done that in a very long time. Sean and his girls initiated the whole thing, I think, and we were able to tag along. Julie and Jana both stayed home and enjoyed themselves way too much. Abigail and Grace both skied, and all 4 of them were in the tube at one point. It took a bit for Gwenyth to realize that she couldn’t swim across the lake, like she keeps thinking she can do in the pool.

Going a little faster behind the boat

I sail!

All the cute girls

bombs away

way to go Grace!!

Julie’s baby bump is coming along. She’s such a lovely pregnant woman, though her 7 month nesting period does get occasionally overwhelming for me. But I can’t complain too much. I’m not the one carrying. She’s been going crazy with different things, trying to get it all ready for “Baby Brother” — yes that’s the official name for now. Abigail and Grace’s room is all different. Lucy and Gwen are sleeping (successfully) in the same room now. Just the nursery to redo. I think I’ve mentioned before that the poor guy already has polka-dotted blankets. I’m not too sure about that. We’ll have to get pictures once it’s all done.

Everything else is going along well. I’m actually in Utah tonight and for the next few days for a product development meeting. It should be exciting. I seem to have too much going on besides that. Always some project that is the next big thing. You know, throw enough stuff at the wall and hope that something sticks.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures at flickr.