Spring Update

Always lots happening around here. We have a few blocks of time throughout the year where we get really busy with birthdays and such. Gwenyth turned 3:

make a wish

Gwen's 3

Gwen and Julie

The loot:

The loot

We all had a good time at Grandma and Grandpa’s place for some food. The mashed potatoes were extra fatty (and good!) thanks to yours truly.

Henry and Mikey playing

Lucy’s birthday is coming up soon. She’ll be 5, believe it or not. And we just got the invitation for her “Kindergarten Roundup” where we go and learn about how kindergarten will never be the same once “the hoo” walks through the door. She has been going over her list of friends to invite to a party that we’re not quite sure is really going to happen. She counts and orders and announces. She has also let me know the many things she’ll be expecting for her birthday. We got them a swingset for the backyard. I’m going to have to remind her of that many times I think.

We decided one day during spring break that it was time to take her training wheels off. It took her about 29 seconds to figure it out. After 3 minutes she was comfortable enough in the bedazzled shoes and hot bike that she would pose every time she passed by. It’s all about looking good to Lucy.

like a fish to water

Henry continues to grow (not enough according to his doctor) and continues to be loved and spoiled. He’s really enjoying the sweet potatoes, carrots, peaches, chocolate, etc., in addition to his adoring sisters.

first sweet potatoes

Gwen & Henry

Henry laying in the grass

He sure thinks he’s pretty big stuff.

learning to crawl

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  1. FINALLY we in the hinderlands get an update. They all look happy, healthy and only mildly abused. So happy to see them and also Benson who looks as though he had not missed many meals. What a cutie.

    Thank you,



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