Visit to Pres-kitt

I was actually cold yesterday. It’s coming up on the middle of June and I found myself cold yesterday. In Arizona. Granted, I was up at about 5500 feet in “Everybody’s Hometown,” Prescott, AZ. The Kreyling bunch appears to be embarking on a new adventure. They’re selling their home and buying a different one. It’ll be quite the project, but they always seem to do things up right.

I keep reading that this is one of the nicest Junes ever here in the desert, and I have to agree. We’ve been running about 10 degrees below average which, after the brutal May that we had, has been a nice break. We even find ourselves complaining that the pool has cooled off too much. My how the blood thins.

Lucy has decided that she loves to clean. Most days we’ll find her dragging the vaccuum out, cleaning up under the bar. She’ll pull the chairs out and everything.

Our wiz bang cleaner

 cute little cleaner

I’ve found that when she decides to clean my bathroom that I find my glasses in interesting places. She does a great job and we’re just happy that she seems to enjoy cleaning. Now if we can just convince her little sister. Speaking of Lucy’s little sister, she’s for sale. I’ve even dropped the “to a good home” requirement.

Lucy also recently “graduated” from preschool. She really enjoyed her teacher and we’re all looking forward to having her in Kindergarten next year. Except there’s that little thing about her little sister being home without her. Not sure about that.


Henry continues to grow. And continues to find himself dressed in awesome things.

Henry & Dad

I try and dress like him to see if I can get some attention.

My boys

Sometimes it works. Most of the time it does not.