Classic Skating Roller Derby

This is Julie for a change. I thought I would write about our family night–one we soon won’t forget. We started off the night eating at Apollo Burger–home of the best flame broiled burgers around (in my opinion). The girls are still getting used to the Utah trademarks i.e. fry sauce & family discounts. Speaking of discounts, Classic Skating rink had a whopper of a deal that runs (yes, you guessed it) every Monday night. A family of six can skate from 6-9pm for $10. We pulled up and talk about an 80’s flashback. I don’t think they have changed a thing at the rink except maybe the shoelaces on the skates! I’m exaggerating a little but it was very much like how I remembered the joint in days of yore.

It was quite a task just getting everyone’s skates on and standing up—then came the ballad of the awkward and uncoordinated. Lets just say I’m soooo glad we tried roller skating before we took them ice skating (it was in the running). Within five minutes, Abigail was zipping all over the place showing off her moves. One time around the rink with Grace and my lower back was screaming for ice and time out! The minute Lucy stood up in her skates she was posing in her ballet positions and to my surprise was quite coordinated with the skating. She headed straight for the middle (free skate area for free thinkers) and danced in the neon lights.

Brian was too cool to put his skates on for the first 30 minutes. After seeing all the other families discoing around on foot, scooter, strollers, you name it he decided it was safe to venture out and help Grace who at this point was a permanent fixture on the floor. By the end of the evening we had heard many 80’s flashback favorites, participated in many silly Hoky Pokyish games and such, stuffed ourselves with tangy taffy, swedish fish & sour patch kids (to go along with the theme), and Grace had made great strides in actually staying vertical. We left @ 8:00 with wailing, sore bottoms, our notes on what to bring next time (stroller, scooter, & knee pads) and a sugar high that can’t be matched. I asked Grace if she like the music and she said excitedly, “Oh yes, Mom, especially the High School Musical soundtrack–I loved it!”

The only way we could get them to leave was a promise to come back. They asked when and I told them when they go to bed good 14 nights, THEN we’ll think about it. Could work out good for all–2 weeks out we shouldn’t have any bruises left (exception Grace may still be recovering–she fell hard), it’s only 10 George Washingtons, and we might have little girls that go to bed on time with visions of Classic Skating nights yet to come! We spent a grand total of $21 for dinner and a night of Helter Skelter Skating. Enjoy the pics.