Nesting part Deux and I’m due!

It’s me, Julie, again. Though I’d post my insanity the past few weeks. I don’t know what it is about the last few weeks of pregnancy but it helps me get my life (or my brain should i say) in order and my priorities out of order. Painting grout becomes more important than food and organizing closets more important than PTA (I’m kidding but I have been a little out of whack). Although I have made Brian and those around me probably close to crazy we have achieved some order! Now picture if you can Gwen and Lucy’s room with black paint above the bead board (don’t have a before picture–been trying to forget it). That black color was picked out by our renters while we were living in Utah. To their credit they did do a nice painting job but black wasn’t really up our alley. The room turned out but I should have only papered one wall. You get the idea here. It’s very girly (or granny–I think that’s my style) and Lucy loves it–that’s all that matters.

Gwen and Lucy's sassy new room

Abby and Grace are growing up and had picture day the other day. Because Grace was not feeling too well, I decided to grab a shot for myself because who knows how the school pictures are ever going to turn out. Aren’t they getting big?

picture day and they're growing up

Gwen is spending her last days in the pool. She thinks she is so big lounging in the tube while Brian “works and watches” nearby. We are going to miss the pool for a few months!

cute GWen

Baby brothers room is as finished as it’s going to get. I didn’t have a vision for this room but a cute bumper pad to start with (from Jana 🙂 to help “get er done”. It’s simple and hopefully not overly girly as Brian has been stating with the polka dots. I hope this little guy makes it at our house.

The before complete mess of a nursery?! if you want to call it that
the unsightly before

The afters
baby brohters new pad


changing area

Also been painting the banisters. What a hellish monster job–priming 2 coats, then painting a white coat, followed by taping off and painting a brown/black coat. Only thing left is a coat or two of varnish and touch up–don’t know if I have it in me…really!

and more banisters

Another note my lovely had a birthday and turned 34–can’t believe it. We did it Brian style with Thai food and low key ice cream at Golden Spoon. He looks as good as he did at sixteen when I met him and I’m still crazy in love with him. He is a great support to me and our family and mostly he’s still my best friend. Love you, Brian 🙂

the birthday boy

Now just to get this new little guy here. My Dr. is leaving town next Wednesday for a week and is concerned that I will get sectioned so this little guy may visit our family earlier than thought if I’m ready to go on Monday when he checks me. I can truly say we are crazy excited to have a little boy at our house to even out the progesterone levels. What a blessing new babies are. We’ll keep you posted. Now just for the name…hmmm…still a little stumped!

for more photos go here

Potty Training is EXHAUSTING when you are very pregnant!

This is Julie again. I will admit up front that potty training is not my forte! Gwen seemed more ready to me than all the others but soon after we got going I started to reevaluate. Stubborn is not even the word. Although she loves fun fruits it was not a motivator! Stickers/treats whatever! I couldn’t quite find out what motivated the pipsqueak. I now think just being big is what motivates her!

Week one I literally sat upstairs with her every day–all day (I’m not joking). I would often fall asleep in the doorway of the bathroom while she’d read stacks of books. I found out real quick this kid’s a camel and has an unbelievable ability to store/hold peep (even forcing liquids). After a few successes and many mishaps I was thinking I was ready to throw the towel in last Sunday! When I went to put a diaper on her she was ecstatic and over the top! I couldn’t do it–I decided we had tried too hard and we were going to BRAVE THE STORM! While things are not perfect and we still have occasional accidents she has picked it up and we are entering week 3! I am too exhausted to write much more about this potty training experience but here are some pictures of the newest underwear-clad member of our family. Way to go Gwenyth!

The big sister who helped potty train
The big sister that helped out with the training

Did LOTS of this
Spent loads of time doing this!

Can’t believe we have 4 potty trained princesses 🙂

The Nester is in a Fester

This is Julie for a change. It is true the nesting has kicked into turbo mode since we got back from Utah. Brian was probably so relieved to get out of town for two nights 🙂 It is a good thing though because Abby and Grace have been literally been living in complete squalor for almost the past year. Their room was a place I didn’t like to enter nor stay long. This craziness all started a couple weeks back when we had a date night at Ikea and ended up purchasing a bed. The bed led to bedding which led to paint and then curtains and painting all furniture (ugh)! It isn’t from the pages of Better Homes and Garden’s but it is much better than the before picture below. This is painful to even show…

ugly but true before picture--it was that BAD

Here’s the Afters

a place to lay their heads
Got the french provincial dresser on Craig’s list for $40–what a steal (love the hardware) Big shout out to Michael and Ali for hauling it to us from the East side!

This is a cheesy old faux oak computer armoir we repainted

This desk/armoire had to be repainted from the move(s). It used to be a cheesy faux oak finish desk–it’s looking a little more girly these days. The girls are excited to have a place to do their homework and I’m excited to have a place to keep all their treasures aka junkie stuff. Abby asked me when she’s going to get a laptop. I asked her if she had a thousand or so dollars–things got real quiet.

found this chest near a dumpster at U-haul

found this dresser near a dumpster at UHAUL–add a little paint/hardware–good as new!

new bedding

Now to finish off Lucy & Gwen’s room, start on the nursery, make curtains, finish painting the house and banisters—-uh ya right!!! BRian come home–I NEED HELP–my Brains going to explode!!

When the boy goes away…the girls will PLAY!!

cute little ladies with cute little summer purses!

So, Brian left with a 50 pound backpack on Sunday eve to hike the Grand Canyon. He and about 6 other brave boys decided to hike to the bottom of the Canyon to Havasupai. Brian and I did this together about 10 years ago. It is about a 15 mile hike to the bottom where there are several gorgeous blue green waterfalls. I wanted to go too until I tried to lift his backpack:).

While he has been off having his fun, the girls and I have definitely found ours. Monday we woke early, cleaned the house, and hit the park with some Sonic. It was a nice breezy afternoon holiday! We came home and the girls swam and played sidewalk chalk. After dinner we watched a good ol’ chick flick, Far & Away. I don’t know if the girls liked the popcorn or the movie better.

Today we slept in, and scrambled to get everyone dressed, fed, and to the gym on time. They enjoyed their two hours of crafts and fun while I enjoyed mine. I did a pilates class and got ready there. Afterwards we decided on Panda Express for lunch, and then braved Walmart to pick out some ribbon for our summer craft.

Gwen with her Marc Jacobs Satchel

Lucy lovin' the Louis Vuitton

It’s officially summer at our house now. Fortunately, I made up a calendar of events a couple of weeks ago to keep the little ladies busy! We had made these jean purses in Young Women’s a couple weeks back and I thought my girls would really enjoy it. It was good to get rid of a few pairs of pants with holes in the knees and some old sewing embellishments!

back of Grace's purse

Abby stylin' with her designer Prada purse

Tonight we are watching What About Bob with more candy…of course. I go in for another OB appointment tomorrow. Hopefully all the sugar I’ve been craving lately won’t tip the scales. The girls are still so excited about this boy. Lucy asks me daily when the baby brother is coming. We have already found a few cute outfits online and in stores that this little guy will need. Who said shopping for boys is no fun…especially when I have 4 little ladies opinions. Bring on the blues, browns & greens!

they each knew what colors they wanted