Feliz Navidad

Well, Merry Christmas. I was a great day today. Fajitas was as good, as always, last night. I could eat the shrimp all night long.

I went to get the video camera out last night to get some candid shots of the girls getting ready for Christmas and for bed. We couldn’t find it anywhere. To make a long story short, we realized that when the van got broken into 2 weeks ago, the losers stole our camera bag, with the video camera, digital camera, and a few tapes in it. I had Abigail and Grace’s most recent ballet recital tape in there, the Polar Express fun, plus a few others. I also had a SD card in the digital camera with about 600 pictures on it. I would have given the idiots the camera — I just want the tapes and pictures. I guess we learned a lesson about taking the camera out.

So I got out my old-school video camera this morning and took some video of the girls on Christmas morning. They got bikes, skates, dolls, clothes, and all kinds of fun stuff. They were pretty excited. I got Julie some diamond earrings (that I bought on eBay!), and she gave me 3 of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen — of my 3 girls, of course. I’ll scan them in one of these days and post them.

Someday I’ll even get a decent digital camera. Now that my old, cheap, free one got stolen, maybe I’ll get a new one. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I’ll most likely get a Canon of some kind.
We went over to Mom and Dad’s tonight and had dinner with everyone. It was a good time. My grandparents really enjoyed themselves, I think.

It’s also Julie’s Dad’s birthday today. A Christmas baby! Happy Birthday!

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