Where does it all go?

Time, that is. It’s crazy how it gets away from us. Tonight I came home to my oldest daughter, Abigail, wailing and moaning on the couch due to an ear infection. I have 3 girls and I think this is the first ear infection in our family.

Julie’s got all kinds of projects going on, which means that I’ve got all kinds of projects going on. The nesting instict has kicked itself into high gear a bit early this time around. We’ve moved Abigail into her own room and Lucy in with Grace. I just don’t know what to say about Lucy other than she’s a nut. She’s a happy nut. Remember that camera I bought that I was so excited about? Well I think she threw it away somewhere. Either that or it got stolen when Julie gave my sister Catherine a shower last week. And I’ve got to think the former . . .

Side projects are going very slow. I did officially begin the process of forming the LLC. It’s going to be BCE Solutions. Incredibly clever, I know.

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