There’s at least 2 of you

Believe it or not, I’ve had more than 1 person ask me about the lack of posting on here. So that means that the number of readers is at least 100% larger than I thought it was. Incredibly exciting.

Life is going on. The girls finished school a few weeks ago. It’s hotter than Hades outside. 112 tomorrow, supposedly. Ouch. Julie and I are heading off to Oceanside this week for some downtime. We’ll be taking the biscuit with us (that’s Gwenyth — daughter #4 for you new folk). Speaking of the biscuit, we took her out for her 5th movie tonight. She’s been absolutely horrendous in all but one of them. Apparently she doesn’t enjoy them all that much.

Work is still keeping me busy. I had the pleasure of returning to Trenton, NJ, this past week. I know it sounds crazy, but I’ll take 110 in Phoenix any day over 85 in Philadelphia (that’s where we flew in and out of). All I can say is that at least we know what air conditioning is out here! Then I caught some sort of bug, so I had an interesting 5 hour plane ride back to Phoenix. At least I got to sleep in my own bed.

Abigail and Grace will be turning 7 and 5 in a few weeks. Julie’s planning some big party, as always. I’ve heard rumors of dual parties, one for the friends and one for the family. That doesn’t mean that family aren’t friends, it just means . . . nevermind.

The end of June/beginning of July brings that oft-longed-for time of the Jenkins’ family reunion. It’s up in Utah this year. We’ll be there over the 4th of July, just long enough for Julie to want to move back, as I’m sure it’ll be lovely weather. We’ll see.

That’s all for now.