Settling In

The girls are settling in to their new school year just fine. Abigail can’t believe how quiet her class is, especially after last year’s somewhat rowdy bunch. She really likes her teacher and is excited for anything related to art. Marley Park offers an after school program called Young Rembrandts, which she’ll probably end up taking.

Grace loves her teacher as well. She has the same teacher that Abby had, so that has helped her in the transition. She gets excited to do homework and anything else that will help her feel a bit older. It’s amazing how much she’s grown in just the week since she started. Overall everything’s a smashing success.

There is the issue of a lack of recess time that has Julie particularly concerned. It seems that they only get 10 minutes or so after lunch for recess, which isn’t nearly enough. Abby says that it’s not even enough time to “get the wiggles out.” Hopefully that will change. We’re thinking that maybe when the temperature gets to be below 100 during the day they’d probably go outside a little more. For all of our sakes, let’s hope that’s sometime relatively soon.

Lucy spent the first 3 days rotating between “Where’s Abigail?” and “Where’s Gracie.” I think she’s probably figured it out by now. She’s finding a whole new world of *really* being in charge at home. I hear that she, Julie, and Gwenyth are going to the museum this week, which should be quite the adventure.

More later.

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