Hogle Zoo & softball too!

We got to go to the zoo with the first graders on Friday. We were surprised to see all the parent volunteers there. There were so many we had one other student (Ashton, Grace’s friend) and Grace. We didn’t get to the zoo until 10:30 and were wondering if there would be enough time. It turned out to be a great trip and just right. The zoo is not very big–so two hours was plenty of time. The elephants were a real hit and so was the leucistic (without pigmentation) gator. Brian and I juggled the babies a-ok and all in all it was just right for everyone.

good try grace

where are we going?

Hogle Zoo

So we got home in time to regroup for our softball game that evening. One problem we were short a babysitter. We decided to take the kids (the peanut gallery) and it turned out ok. I found that if I sat Gwen on the bleacher and walked off she just sat there because she didn’t want to attempt to get down–that worked pretty well. We have had so much fun playing with the neighbors and they are a lot of fun too. Brian has proved to be a real asset to the team and I am well…part of the team (they’re good sports)!

your up!


After the game we again regrouped for another block movie projected on the wall of the Richins house. The girls go crazy about this and get so excited. We watched Hook & The Three Amigos and the kids have loved it! We are lucky to have found such a great neighborhood and such great friends. More photos here http://www.flickr.com/photos/midder/

watching movies outdoors in the neighborhood

John, Mary, Telina & Joe

Grace, Adelaide, Abigail & Olivia

3 thoughts on “Hogle Zoo & softball too!”

  1. Julie-

    Sorry our visit got cut short earlier. What’s going to happen to us? Are we going to end up doing a switcharoo? It looks like Hogle Zoo hasn’t changed as much as I thought it had. It was a blast to see the lion water fountain was still providing thirsty kids with H2O and the train is still makin it around the track. I hope you venture to Sundance this weekend. I will never be more envious of the Elcock’s living in Utah as I will after you post about Sundance. It is one of my very favorite place’s to visit. Get lots of pictures of changing leaves. We’ll talk soon. Take care and hang in.


  2. That’s cool that you guys are playing coed softball. And going to the zoo on a field trip. Sounds like you’re having lots of fun!

  3. Great pics guys!! Ali is very jealous of the colors. She has never seen the leaves changing like that. HappyBirthday Mid!

    Love you guys,

    Mikey and Ali

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