Ottawa, eh?

I’ve been up in Ottawa, Ontario, this week for some fun at work. All of the locals are celebrating the fact that winter has finally loosened its grasp on the city. Apparently they have had 20+ feet of snow this winter. The sight of dirty snow piles in the shade of the big buildings is a strange scene, especially when it was nearly 80 degrees here yesterday. Needless to say the clothes I packed are a bit too warm.

Ottawa seems like a nice town. I’m sure it will be beautiful in about a month when things are cleaned up a bit and everything starts to bloom. Apparently there’s quite the tulip festival toward the middle/end of May.

This is the scene outside of one of the art museums. Julie would love this:

And here are a few more scenes from the Ontario tourism site:

Luckily it doesn’t look that cold outside my window.

I’ll be home very early Saturday morning, which should guarantee that I’m all but worthless for the weekend. It sounds like my lovelies are all doing just fine without me. Maybe Gwenyth is starting to miss me. Love you girls.