When the boy goes away…the girls will PLAY!!

cute little ladies with cute little summer purses!

So, Brian left with a 50 pound backpack on Sunday eve to hike the Grand Canyon. He and about 6 other brave boys decided to hike to the bottom of the Canyon to Havasupai. Brian and I did this together about 10 years ago. It is about a 15 mile hike to the bottom where there are several gorgeous blue green waterfalls. I wanted to go too until I tried to lift his backpack:).

While he has been off having his fun, the girls and I have definitely found ours. Monday we woke early, cleaned the house, and hit the park with some Sonic. It was a nice breezy afternoon holiday! We came home and the girls swam and played sidewalk chalk. After dinner we watched a good ol’ chick flick, Far & Away. I don’t know if the girls liked the popcorn or the movie better.

Today we slept in, and scrambled to get everyone dressed, fed, and to the gym on time. They enjoyed their two hours of crafts and fun while I enjoyed mine. I did a pilates class and got ready there. Afterwards we decided on Panda Express for lunch, and then braved Walmart to pick out some ribbon for our summer craft.

Gwen with her Marc Jacobs Satchel

Lucy lovin' the Louis Vuitton

It’s officially summer at our house now. Fortunately, I made up a calendar of events a couple of weeks ago to keep the little ladies busy! We had made these jean purses in Young Women’s a couple weeks back and I thought my girls would really enjoy it. It was good to get rid of a few pairs of pants with holes in the knees and some old sewing embellishments!

back of Grace's purse

Abby stylin' with her designer Prada purse

Tonight we are watching What About Bob with more candy…of course. I go in for another OB appointment tomorrow. Hopefully all the sugar I’ve been craving lately won’t tip the scales. The girls are still so excited about this boy. Lucy asks me daily when the baby brother is coming. We have already found a few cute outfits online and in stores that this little guy will need. Who said shopping for boys is no fun…especially when I have 4 little ladies opinions. Bring on the blues, browns & greens!

they each knew what colors they wanted


8 thoughts on “When the boy goes away…the girls will PLAY!!”

  1. Love the purzzes. How fun was that. Not to mention the movies and the CANDY. Just when I was feeling bad about not being invited on the hike, I saw that you had WAY more fun. Keep up the great work, it will make Doug/Steven a better husband.


  2. Susi,

    I bet you’re not too jealous of Brian’s adventure seeing that you’ve had a few of your own trail-blazing experiences lately. Are there more catering/out-in-the-open/high-end adventures in store??? You are amazing and should be getting paid MUCHO DINERO for that kind of slave labor. Today Grace found a book that you had given her a few years back. She enjoyed reading it to little Gwen 😉

  3. Slaves are us. Or as your Mother-in-law would say, “you two are stupid”

    Gracie, keep the book and read it to me next time!



  4. Julie, I was excited to find your blog after you responded to mine!! Congrats on having a little boy!! I am happy for you! My three girls love our two boys, so I am sure that he will find his way into everyone’s hearts very quickly!! Your family is so beautiful! You look so good, I would never have known you were pregnant!!! PS, my swimsuit you commented on is from Modbe!

  5. you are such a great mom! so crafty and your girls always look too die for adorable!! glad you had fun while your hubby was away!

  6. Hi Julie! I got your message a few days ago, sorry it’s taken me a REALLY long time to get back to you, we’ve been really busy with family. Nicki sent me your blog address so I hope this is okay. I will call you tomorrow and we can talk about renting out our house if you are still interested in it. Thanks. You have such a darling family.

  7. Sara,

    I was just thinking I needed to call you back about the condo. i hear you about being busy! Call me and we’ll chat tomorrow 🙂 It was fun to check out your blog as well!

  8. Isn’t it fun that your girls are getting big enough to do more grown up things with? I am so jealous. The purses are darling. I might need to learn how to make those. What a cute idea! Glad you’re having fun.

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