6 thoughts on “Hello? Does this thing still work?”

  1. I have you all hooked up to my google reader so I know when you post new things… would love to actually read something. BTW loved the facecrack commentary.

  2. Julie,

    I am trying to get your address to send little Henry a baby gift. The address I have I think is your old one. Email me your address when you get a minute. Cute pictures! I would love for you to come out to Queen Creek for the day. We could take you skeet shooting on the farm or ride the four wheelers. Hope you are doing well.

  3. dear brian,
    my entertainment value is rapidly going down hill since you have not published your blog. my thoughts? get of your booty and do a real post. something more than some pictures, maybe a little commentary?
    best regards-
    ps…julie put me up to this

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