Step away from the facecrack

I have noticed a disturbing correlation between the last time that Julie posted on this blog and her being sucked into what can only be described as Facecrack. Unfortunately some of Julie’s friends from a bygone era found me on Facebook, in my profile that hadn’t been accessed or updated in a very long time. This was right in the thick of having a baby and all that, so she couldn’t be bothered. But once she was bothered enough, she was hooked.

For those of you experiencing similar concerns about the amount of time your significant other spends on the pipe, please know that you have a sympathetic (or is it just pathetic?) friend in me (cue the Toy Story music) should you need me.

I. Understand.

In other news, Henry is getting bigger.

holy bright eyes

dapper little man

We went to Pedro’s

Pedros in Glendale

Gwenyth wasn’t too excited at first

tantrum before we were seated

But ended up drinking the salsa (the hot one!)

good mexican food

We’re getting excited for Christmas

The boys enjoying the lights

ohh lights

We’ve had some great winter-like weather recently. Lots of rain. And cool enough that I think the heater has come on during the day once or twice. I was beginning to think that it might be a White Christmas. No such luck.

8 thoughts on “Step away from the facecrack”

  1. Zac is pretty addicted to fsce crack too! I guess I might be a little bit! Henry is so freaking cute! I just want to bite him! Your house looks like a Martha Stewart catalog. Mine looks not so much like one! Oh you don’t have an 8 ft. blow up deer in your house?!?!? Funny.

  2. Congrats on cute little Henry! I got your darling Christmas card and I am so happy for your family! I just re-checked out your blog, and I am always amazed by your incredible pictures…and now I have your incredible decorating ability to be amazed at as well! I love the girl’s room and the nursery! And the photo of little Henry by the christmas tree is priceless! What a beautiful family you have!!!

  3. Oh no….you shouldn’t have said anything, now I’ll have to look you up on Facebook.
    On another note, Henry and the girls are so sweet. Love your family!

  4. HEY GUYS! I got your Christmas card…adorable! We had baby boys on the SAME day!!! CRAZY! I will look up Julie on FB-c’mon Brian-it is called FBin’ it. We miss you guys! Drew has the same monkey outfit from Gymboree!! Please come back up for softball season this spring!

  5. I got suckered into facebook, but I enjoy blogging much more. Facebook doesn’t allow you to be creative and frankly, people have found me that I wish hadn’t.
    Henry definitely looks like an Elcock…and that’s a good thing!

  6. pedros is the BEST! been going there since i was a little girl. henry is so adorable!!! facebook scares me. jeremy is on it and people from highschool are totally finding him! he loves it and i am avoiding it because i don’t want people finding me. i am sticking to blogging.

  7. I love Pedros. I would drink the salsa to if I could. Matt goes there all the time for “lunch meetings” Henry is so cute. sorry we missed the blessing!

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