Ol Chief Sez Turn Back Now

What a week it’s been.

Last Monday, we all piled in the trusty mini-van for our trek up to Utah. We somehow made it in a day. The next few days were spent looking at homes,  being discouraged, getting more encouraged, and then back again. It’s an interesting market up here — surprisingly few homes for sale. I guess that’s the cycle of things in Utah. In the wintertime, people just take their homes off the market. We’re still weighing the buy vs. rent thing. We’ll see what wins out.

Thanksgiving was spent in Lehi at Jim Jenkins’ home. It was fun.

We left Utah on Saturday, arriving in Surprise around 9pm. Gwen wasn’t too thrilled with all of the travelling, but she survived. She didn’t spend the entire time in her carseat, as listening to her scream for hours on end got a little bit tiring. We tried to clean a few things up and get a few more things together. Then Sunday morning around 10:30 I left again to come back up to Utah.

The title of this post is in reference to the Chief Yellowhorse shops on the side of the road. These are the ones that are maybe 30 miles north of Flagstaff. He’s got all of these signs before and after his table stands telling you that his stuff is coming up and then more afterward telling you to go back. The last few say “Ol Chief Sez Turn Back Now” and “Hurry, It’s Not Too Late.” I tell you what, it was all I could do to keep myself from turning back and going all the way home to Surprise. I left home thinking that I didn’t really want to do this, so why was I? I can be such the drama queen.

Today I started my new job. After assurring both security and the head of HR that I was, indeed, supposed to report for work today, I settled in and met some people. It seems like a good bunch. My computer was hurting (kind of like those south of Rittenhouse, mid), so it took quite a while to do even the most menial of tasks. Supposedly I’ll have a new machine in short order, though not short enough. Snow and traffic jams greeted me at the end of the day. All of the traffic seemed to be going North, so maybe that was a sign that I don’t want to live up north. We’ll see. More later.