It’s Cold

It’s been a cold first week here in Utah. Snow and ice and all that fun stuff. It was 4 degrees yesterday morning at the airport. When I got in my car to go to work yesterday, my windshield slowly started cracking. It was like it was happening in slow motion. Unfortunately, my buddy who does auto glass doesn’t have an office up here yet. For any of you wanting good glass service, here’s his site:

I hear that it’s also been pretty cold down in Phoenix, with lows in the 30s and highs now getting out of the 50s. Julie said she had to turn on the heater for the first time. Must have been downright chilly.

The new job is going well. There seem to be some interesting dynamics and certainly no shortage of things to do, which is better than the alternative. There are a few projects (or initiatives, maybe) that seem destined to fail, so we’ll see how those turn out. I’m loving the commute, though. It’s not even long enough to bother with talk radio. It’s about a 2 song commute, if that. I’m starting to feel like I don’t know what’s going on in the world, with no talk radio and no internet at my in-laws’. I’m writing this from David and Marilyn Jenkins’ home. Julie says it’s good for me to be disconnected, trying to recover from my addiction.

Speaking of Julie, she’s having quite the time with the girls. She tells me that she wouldn’t be the greatest single mom. I don’t plan on her having to be, so hopefully she won’t have to struggle through it much longer. She has her Super Saturday thing this weekend, which is pretty much for the birds as far as I’m concerned. But no one ever asks me my opinion (though they often get it anyway). Once that’s done, she should be able to focus on other things. I’m flying home next weekend (Dec 8 I think) to hang out with my girls. I’m pretty excited. Julie’s mom has been spoiling me, what with packed lunches and hot meals in the evening. I’m not sure what they think about their house guest, but he sure appreciates it. Julie says not to get too used to it . . .

Things seem to be going along well as far as the homes are concerned. I’d really like to sell the rental and rent our home. I have a good prospect for the latter and a decent one for the former. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Housing up here is a little more confusing. I’ve got a few things I want to do and Julie’s got a few that she wants to do (or pretty much just one). She usually wins, but I’ll see if I can pull something off this time around.

I don’t have a camera up here, so no pictures for a while. More later.