Last Days of Summer

Brian hasn’t been blogging much lately so please humor. We are finishing up on the last few days of summer and I have to admit it makes me sad! I have talked to many who are ready to boot their kids back into school but I guess I struggle with this because another summer gone is another summer older for the girls. That tugs at the heart a bit. Our summer has been a whirlwind of cooking classes, gymnastics, movie/swim day & blockbuster has provided some classics movies to watch. Thank goodness for Arctic Circle and the complimentary kiddie cones as well (Thanks for the tip, Amy). We watched The Sound of Music recently and the girls were mesmerized by it. I forgot what a classic musical it is–one we will have in our collection. Kiddos & GwenYesterday we went swimming at the Pleasant Grove pool which is literally down the street. I didn’t realize what a great little pool it is and my girls loved it–especially the over-sized ice cream at the snack bar:) The picture above is of all the kiddos feet and Gwen. Don’t the feet just ooze summertime and childhood? My sister-in-law, Eliece and her sister, Teri and I were laughing while sitting in the pool–talking about the days when running in a swimsuit was acceptable and freeing–there are some real perks to being a kid! It was good to soak up some vitamin D and watch the kids soak up some summer fun.

We are still working on getting on the school bedtime routine. The girls are faring much better than we are. Brian and I are now watching 24 season 4 and have had some real late nights and the dark rings under the eyes to show for it. I was driving around town and saw a car with “Jack Bauer is a hottie” written in shoe polish (for all the 24 fans). It made me laugh out loud. Check out the gogglesTonight was girls night out with the neighborhood gals and we went up to Sandy to see the movie Becoming Jane–about Jane Austin. Very interesting true story! I really liked it, but I also really like English films–so I don’t know if it would be a unanimous thumbs up. It always takes me 10-15 minutes when watching an English film to understand the lingo and what’s going on. I sat next to my friend Ki Ki who has the same ailment and we were both clueless for about the first quarter of the movie. Speaking of Jane Austin, Grace is reading Little Women right now and I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never finished the book. Pretty soon I’m going to have Abby and Grace reading to me instead of the other way around. I am reading the Magicians Nephew to the girls right now. I believe it’s the first of seven of the Chronicles of Narnia. Can’t seem to hold Lucy’s attention but the older girls like it.Gracie

My girls are ready for school now. All of us conquered Target recently to get all the supplies. The girls had worked hard all summer to earn money to buy their supplies. I’m really proud of them and they really helped me as well doing chores and tasks. I find it fascinating that I am buying them clothes just like the ones I used to wear in grade school. It’s all very 80’s buying Leggings, skirts/scooters now we just need to add the side ponytail and they’ll be set. Speaking of hair, I got a chance to round brush Gwen’s hair for the first time today and it was POOF big and stacked–the older girls couldn’t stop laughing at her! She did look pretty funny and sniff sniff–OLDER! She has taken the spice to a whole new level and has been throwing some pretty heated tantrums lately. I felt in her mouth and lo-and-behold her two-year-old molars are coming in–poor baby! That would help explain the most recent flopping and tantrums. She is quite mobile at the pool walking a good distance away from me before ever thinking to check back. Awe Gwenyth! Beach Baby

Last night I was able to sneak out of the house over to my parents to meet Kara (my niece) and Todd’s new baby girl, McKenzie. Kara & Todd came up to show her off to Grandpa & Grandma Jenkins. She is really truly one of the best babies I’ve ever held or seen. WOW! Kara and Todd seem so happy and are so cute with the new baby. Kara also looks so great after just having a baby. Kara & Todd CambellWell, I’ve been burning the midnight oil and that is why the writing in this blog is so flat. I thought better to update than do nothing so enjoy the pics and here’s to a great summer! more photos @”>

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