Lindon Elementary here we come!

Last night was back to school night. There was a big turnout and lots of excitement in the air. We did rotations and were able to visit with both teachers to get a feel for their style of teaching. I was able to sign up to help with their classroom parties and they both seemed very excited about that. After that we rushed over to Grandpa and Grandma Jenkins for our monthly FHE. Elder Anthony Jenkins was able to report on his mission and share with us. It was a question and answer type forum. The best question Brian could come up with for him was, “Is it harder to be a missionary when you are a second child?” It made Anthony laugh–I’m always blown away by our spirituality! We topped the evening off with banana splits and socializing. Gwen ate most of the ice cream out of left-over bowls and was very sticky going home. Aunt Amy brought her world famous kettle corn, cotton candy and sugared almonds. The girls were chattering up a blue streak from their sugar high! Some how we managed to calm them down to get into bed for the first day of school in the morning.

grace first gradeabby 3rd grade

The morning went very smoothly. Baths–check, lunches–check, roundbrushing hair–ughh check, pictures–check——–I WANT SUMMER BACK!!! No really it went pretty smooth and we NEED a more scheduled morning. So the neighborhood had a breakfast kickoff at the bus stop and then they were off. They looked so cute and squeaky clean—too bad they don’t stay that way! I had to wipe abby’s d-nut face off before she jumped on the bus. She has better things to do than worry about manners let alone wiping off her face. I think she’s a candidate for etiquette school. Grace on the other hand is more reserved–she told me she was embarrassed to go back to school. She doesn’t like too much attention. Here’s to a smooth first day…wish us luck for tomorrow–the real test!


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