Lucy’s ready for school “rain or shine”!

I can’t seem to get Brian to post so unfortunately you get to hear from me. Lucy started school today and she was so excited. She had a crazy twinkle in her eyes and toes! Lucy Annso excited she kept jumping off the step

All the girls are eating up their music classes. They are learning the Solfage method of music training. It’s the same method used in the Sound of Music. It is used commonly in Europe and in the US in most colleges of music including the famous Julliard school of music. They are all really liking it but the hardest part about the lessons is that the classes are interactive with mom. Uh, that would be me! I am to be with each of them ALONE singing and dancing etc… once a week! Fortunately Abigail and Grace are in the same class but I still have to juggles the others 3 times a week–can’t bring siblings to class:(!

Today we had some rain and Lucy was running around out in it with a broken umbrella. She wants to be like Mary Poppins–I guess we need to start with a new umbrella! Mary Poppinsa gustone of my favorites

I took some pics of Abigail when she got home from school. She is getting to look so much older even though she’s a flyweight.
serious abigailseriouslaughing

Grace is excited about her upcoming trip to Hogle Zoo with the first grade and HER DAD (couldn’t say no to the big brown eyes). Gwen is literally tearing up my house and has recently become very very picky about what she eats! How about that bow??!!
Gwen with a bow that was WAY TOO BIGcloseuppouting her Great Grandma Amy's lips

Brian got a hangnail (or some kind of scratch) on his right pinky 2 weeks ago and his pinky has continued to swell and get VERY infected. He finally went to urgent care where they lanced it, bandaged it, gave him a prescription and instructions to soak it in Hot (as he can stand) water. He told them I had told him to do the same for about 10 days but that I had told him to add salt to the water. To that they laughed and said, “You’re wife just wants it to hurt a little more than it should!” So…Brian is currently upstairs sniffling about his finger–it really dampens his typing skills. Even he admits he is a big pansy when it comes to pain. We are so glad to have him back from Phoenix…but that’s another story! more photos here

3 thoughts on “Lucy’s ready for school “rain or shine”!”

  1. Lily and I were just looking at all the beautiful photo’s you have taken of your girls. You should see her squeal and try to reach for the computer screen to touch Gwen’s little face. Maybe they knew each other in heaven. Abby is looking so grown up. It was a sad day when I opened my eye’s to see my girls had changed from little girls to little women. I’m sure you had a similar moment. I want to here about “the house” and all that is transpiring in Pheonix. I am always so jealous of your photography skills. If I could ever afford it I would like to take a trip to Utah and spend a day with you to teach me all your tricks. I have always wanted to take a class, but I don’t know where or when. Of course you have beautiful subjects. By the way I have never laughed so hard in my life as I did at that Jib jab web. You guys are so creative. It was perfect. Let’s chat soon. Sheri

  2. I am wondering when we can have the girls come live with us?? The pics are really cute….

    Miss you guys!


  3. hey uncle Mikey,

    You better watch what you say about the living with you stuff. I was pricing luggage for the girls online–they may show up on your doorstep (lol)! It was good to see you guys and thanks again, Michael for all the help at the house 🙂

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