Gardening at Night

The mercury currently reads 92 in Surprise. It’s supposed to be hot again tomorrow and then go down 10 degrees once more. I read one forecast that taunted me with one more reading in the 70s for the foreseeable future. Of course that prediction is a week or more from now, so it could be wrong. In any event, spring has sprung and is a little warm. I was hoping to set a record for the going the longest without air conditioning, but when we got home last night, the upstairs thermostat said 85. Even my poor little lovelies can’t sleep in that. So, the no A/C record has stopped.

We planted a garden this year. I don’t remember if we’ve posted about it before. With food prices going crazy and inflation inflating faster than the fed can print greenbacks, we might be eating tomatoes all summer. They’re already starting to come on, which is pretty exciting.

Cherry tomatoes:


Early girls:


For stuffed peppers. Mmmm yummmm:


Chili peppers:


I told the girls that I would help them plant some pumpkin. So we threw some seed down and I kind of ignored it. A week later, we’ve got a full-on pumpkin patch, to go with the zucchini in the front:


Full view:


I’m heading out to Ottawa, Ontario, next week for work. I told them I’d be glad to go. In August. But I guess I’m needed there next week for whatever reason.

3 thoughts on “Gardening at Night”

  1. Hey, your garden rivals your father’s. Great to see that you are growing a variety of veggies. We have many resources in this valley that are growing to support their families so it is fun for us. We still struggle to find land on our funny lot to plant a garden – and then ther are the pests!!!!!

    Hope to have some tomatoes from your great looking starts when I come down in May.

    Much love,


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