For Your Entertainment

There have been a few of you publicly and privately lamenting the lack of content on this previously-hip blog. To you and the many others I may have disappointed, I apologize. Ever since the assimilation into Facebook, the neglect here has been severe. Not only that, but I fear that my own brain has turned to mush due to the phenomenon:


Facebook Eye

I haven’t decided if I’m insanely jealous of that Facebook guy or if I enjoy laughing at his stupidity for turning down an offer of several billion (yes with a B) dollars for his company. Probably both, but likely more the former than the latter. Either way, I hear that a blog is a much better creative outlet. So I’m creating an outlet. Or something like that.

Julie is off in San Diego tonight with my mother and sisters. This follows 4.5 days in St. George with her own sisters and parents. Somehow Julie is not feeling the effects of this economic slowdown like the rest of us. I do my best to gently remind her that the balance in the world is a bit off. I even use charts and graphs, to no avail.


I am assured, however, that these consecutive weekends away will not become habit. Thank goodness. What’s the saying? Man shall not live by himself, alone? Err . . . man shall not live by bread alone? Man needs to eat more than just bread and something thrown in for humor? I can’t remember exactly how it goes. But the gist of it is that I’m much better off with her here.

Life moves on. The girls are all doing well. Henry is still unprepared for the life that awaits him. That’s OK. I’m thirty-something and I’m in the same boat. I’ve got a couple of interesting projects still going on, hoping that something will get me over the hump. One involves software to allow cities to manage their sports teams. Another is an EMR/EHR/Office Scheduler thing I’ve been working on for several years (which you’d never know in a million years by the looks of it). I’m just hoping for a little piece of this:


Turns out that the software has to “certify” to be included in the government’s list of programs. And certification costs $35,000. We’ll see. Another interesting part about it all is that the government has threatened to stop Medicaid/Medicaire reimbursements to those who do not adopt an EHR. But I digress.

Finally, happy spring. At least to those of you in the desert southwest. Here’s what my forecast tells me at the bottom of my computer. Not bad for the first day of March. Should be a good day to get out and fiddle in the yard. The garden has already been planted!