Heavy Breathing

No, not the Valentine’s Day heavy breathing. Stop it. There is something about a one year-old’s heavy breathing that is like nothing else, and Gwenyth does it all the time. It might be because of her Chucky-ness. But that’s OK. Tonight I was laying down next to her in her bed, trying to get her to go to sleep. The heavy breathing would slow down, then start up again. I thought that she was nearly asleep, then the next thing I know she’s got a finger in each of my nostrils.

Julie, Lucy, and Grace are starting to feel better. Especially Julie and Grace. I’m very proud that she is one of the few world-wide to actually conquer the bird flu. Please send media requests directly to her. Unfortunately, Chucky herself has started to feel a little under the weather. We’re just passing it around, I guess.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Always an interesting day for me and usually disappointing for Julie. My intentions are always good, of course. I’ll see what happens this year. I love all of my girls.

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