Heavy Breathing

No, not the Valentine’s Day heavy breathing. Stop it. There is something about a one year-old’s heavy breathing that is like nothing else, and Gwenyth does it all the time. It might be because of her Chucky-ness. But that’s OK. Tonight I was laying down next to her in her bed, trying to get her to go to sleep. The heavy breathing would slow down, then start up again. I thought that she was nearly asleep, then the next thing I know she’s got a finger in each of my nostrils.

Julie, Lucy, and Grace are starting to feel better. Especially Julie and Grace. I’m very proud that she is one of the few world-wide to actually conquer the bird flu. Please send media requests directly to her. Unfortunately, Chucky herself has started to feel a little under the weather. We’re just passing it around, I guess.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Always an interesting day for me and usually disappointing for Julie. My intentions are always good, of course. I’ll see what happens this year. I love all of my girls.

be mine


More pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/midder/

5 thoughts on “Heavy Breathing”

  1. Julie, the house looks amazing! I love the stripes. Is that damask wall paper I see in the dining room? My total favorite right now. I want to do so much stuff to my house right now, it’s making me itch. Unfortunately I have to stick to deep breathing techniques and avoid the guaranteed damage I would do shopping until we win the lotto (or the economy stops kicking our _ _ _ , which ever comes first). We want to make the pilgrimage out to Surprise some time, so we’ll talk to you guys later to see when.

  2. Ali,

    You have good eyes to pull that from the picture. I just finished wallpapering yesterday! I really like the wallpaper but it makes my roman shades look doggie–have to spruce them up somehow. I hear you about wanting to win the lotto–my new carpet seems to be falling further and further behind–damn this economy! Are you feeling better? I think we are FINALLY through it. It hit Lucy the hardest by far. I think she’s lost weight and she looks like a poor little pale wafe. I’m going to try out your tip of deep breathing exercises and see if it helps me stay in control while shopping 😀

  3. Sooo glad you guys are feeling better but JULIE…you are killin’ me!! You seriously wallpapered through all this….who is WONDER WOMAN?? Well, I looked her up in good ‘ol Websters and lo and behold, it had YOUR picture next to it! Im hiring you are Brian to do projects at my house. You guys are amazing!!

  4. You should just head due East one time and stay the whole weekend out here. No more heading straight North. We are all better here so visitors are allowed…..

    Love you’s


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