The Nester is in a Fester

This is Julie for a change. It is true the nesting has kicked into turbo mode since we got back from Utah. Brian was probably so relieved to get out of town for two nights 🙂 It is a good thing though because Abby and Grace have been literally been living in complete squalor for almost the past year. Their room was a place I didn’t like to enter nor stay long. This craziness all started a couple weeks back when we had a date night at Ikea and ended up purchasing a bed. The bed led to bedding which led to paint and then curtains and painting all furniture (ugh)! It isn’t from the pages of Better Homes and Garden’s but it is much better than the before picture below. This is painful to even show…

ugly but true before picture--it was that BAD

Here’s the Afters

a place to lay their heads
Got the french provincial dresser on Craig’s list for $40–what a steal (love the hardware) Big shout out to Michael and Ali for hauling it to us from the East side!

This is a cheesy old faux oak computer armoir we repainted

This desk/armoire had to be repainted from the move(s). It used to be a cheesy faux oak finish desk–it’s looking a little more girly these days. The girls are excited to have a place to do their homework and I’m excited to have a place to keep all their treasures aka junkie stuff. Abby asked me when she’s going to get a laptop. I asked her if she had a thousand or so dollars–things got real quiet.

found this chest near a dumpster at U-haul

found this dresser near a dumpster at UHAUL–add a little paint/hardware–good as new!

new bedding

Now to finish off Lucy & Gwen’s room, start on the nursery, make curtains, finish painting the house and banisters—-uh ya right!!! BRian come home–I NEED HELP–my Brains going to explode!!