The Nester is in a Fester

This is Julie for a change. It is true the nesting has kicked into turbo mode since we got back from Utah. Brian was probably so relieved to get out of town for two nights 🙂 It is a good thing though because Abby and Grace have been literally been living in complete squalor for almost the past year. Their room was a place I didn’t like to enter nor stay long. This craziness all started a couple weeks back when we had a date night at Ikea and ended up purchasing a bed. The bed led to bedding which led to paint and then curtains and painting all furniture (ugh)! It isn’t from the pages of Better Homes and Garden’s but it is much better than the before picture below. This is painful to even show…

ugly but true before picture--it was that BAD

Here’s the Afters

a place to lay their heads
Got the french provincial dresser on Craig’s list for $40–what a steal (love the hardware) Big shout out to Michael and Ali for hauling it to us from the East side!

This is a cheesy old faux oak computer armoir we repainted

This desk/armoire had to be repainted from the move(s). It used to be a cheesy faux oak finish desk–it’s looking a little more girly these days. The girls are excited to have a place to do their homework and I’m excited to have a place to keep all their treasures aka junkie stuff. Abby asked me when she’s going to get a laptop. I asked her if she had a thousand or so dollars–things got real quiet.

found this chest near a dumpster at U-haul

found this dresser near a dumpster at UHAUL–add a little paint/hardware–good as new!

new bedding

Now to finish off Lucy & Gwen’s room, start on the nursery, make curtains, finish painting the house and banisters—-uh ya right!!! BRian come home–I NEED HELP–my Brains going to explode!!

12 thoughts on “The Nester is in a Fester”

  1. Julie! LOVE. IT. So bright and fresh- love that bedding with the blue walls! Before and after photos are my favorite. After seeing how awesome you are with girls rooms all these years, I can’t wait to see what you do with a boy room!
    …and apparently I need to hit up craigs list for some treasures, huh?

  2. WOW!!!! You’re amazing. I can’t even believe the transformation. I love everything about that room. Can I have one. Maybe you can come help me decorate our little baby’s room when we know what it is. 🙂 J/K You’ll be doing a lot of that yourself. But great job! Miss you.

  3. DISCUSTING! I can’t even look at it! Why does everyone in the family have to be talented but me? I still have Izzy’s name up above Ava’s crib. STRUGGLIN! I would like to know where the energy comes from and where can I get some? It is AWESOME!

  4. Catherine,

    The energy comes in very small spirts. Mostly I am a good list maker and that’s about it. Yesterday I seriously spent most of the day sitting on the couch drooling on myself–I HEAR YOU! I don’t want to hear it about the talented part–it always seems there are mountains of projects and amazing outcomes a goin’ on at your house–which is adorable!

  5. Julie, you are amazing, where do you get all the energy?
    Seems you do your best work when you are PG, is that right?
    You should have been an interior decorator. You are so talented in so many areas. Wish my darling grandaughters would come and help me do something new with my home.

    Love you, Grandma

  6. Note to self:
    When I want to feel bad about myself just visit the Elcock’s blog.

    Seriously, could you be more amazing>?!?!

  7. WOWIE!! WOW WOW WOW! Too funny, I was just about to type exactly what your friends the Richins above said…I just want that clean beautiful look in my house that yours has. Can’t I hire you?? Man…I don’t even want to be in my house today after looking at this!! And the pics on your staircase wall are AMAZING as well…you need to blog that for everyone to see what else you have done!! Jules, you never cease to amaze us!! 🙂

  8. Hi Julie, I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for taking such good care of our house. My goodness I have never seen it so clean. That was a nice treat to come home to. I hope you guys had a nice time. I love your daughters room! I should have hired you to fix up my house while you were staying :)!

  9. Julie,
    Your blog is awesome!
    I can see that your decorating genius is still going strong. You are far too humble Julie! The room looks amazing!!
    I was looking at past posts on your blog…did I see Amie Rae (not sure on the spelling anymore)? Love her!
    Congrats on the upcoming birth of baby boy #1. Your girls are going to spoil him! How exciting for you guys. Boys are lots of fun!
    Love from,

  10. Julie and Brian – I love your blog, you guys are so witty. I love the bedroom and furniture, it’s amazing. What kind of paint are you using? Are you sanding prior to painting? Any tips for us wanna-be Elcocks?
    Congrats on the baby, can’t wait til he arrives.

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