Computer Nerds

There’s been a long-held notion that I’m a nerd. Especially when it comes to computers. Natural, I guess, seeing as that’s how I make my living. Julie often says that I’m “nerding out” when I’ve got one or more laptop lids open, doing my thing. Appropriate I guess.

Abigail and Grace have long lamented the fact that they don’t have their “own” laptops so that they can go out on the interwebs as they please. When reminded that they cost about $1000, Grace went off pouting, while Abby proudly exclaimed that she’s going to start saving. If that doesn’t perfectly demonstrate the 2 sisters, I don’t know what does.

Both girls like to play “Spawn of Satan,” . . . errr . . . I mean Webkinz whenever they can. It all starts innocently enough. You buy these cute, cuddly little animals that the new owner can adopt. But then you need to register them online. And then you need to give them clothes. And bathe them. And entertain them. And buy expensive jeans for them. And ground them. And so on. They just can’t understand why we don’t simply give them the password to the computer so that they can do as they please. Turning into a computer nerd is one reason. Another is . . . well . . . the interwebs.

We found this by the computer a couple of weeks ago:

Abby's sneaky note!

You certainly can’t blame them for trying.