Autumn, Drapes, etc

Somewhere I missed the note that autumn had arrived. I still spend some of my afternoons watching Lucy and Gwenyth swimming, even now in late September. It’s currently 12:01, so it’s officially the last day of September. Wow!

Catherine, I’ll post some pictures soon. Not as fancy as the ones currently on your blog, though. Just to set expectations. Julie’s been going like a crazy woman. I’ve hung more drapes in the last few weeks than I care to admit. And unfortunately that means Julie has bought more curtains in the last few weeks than she cares to admit to me. But the bill doesn’t lie.

The doctor says that the action might come next week. Julie went to see him today and he hopes that we’ll be able to get things going, perhaps as early as next Monday. I think that the new little man is just so excited to come see his polka-dotted blankets that he wants to come quickly.