Bird Flu

So I’ve been told by my little Gracie O that our blog background “is lame.” I’ve also been told that we need to join the 21st century and put music on our blog. Apparently you blogspot homeys out there have impressed her. She likes to listen to the music when she goes to the different sites. She also said that she was embarrassed by my comment about deer heads over at Catherine and Zac’s blog. Speaking of being embarrassed, we went in to take lunch to Abigail and speak to her teacher about 2 weeks ago. We saw Grace as we were leaving. I went to go say hello to her and she TOTALLY HOSED ME! Poor girl is already embarrassed by her father.

Julie told me (in all seriousness, I found out) that she thinks she has the bird flu. She, Lucy, and Grace are all out for the count. We went up to Prescott over the weekend to see Julie’s sister Nancy and her new baby. We came back with more sickies. We’re hoping we didn’t spread the love too much up there. Nancy’s baby is beautiful and I love Prescott. It’s always such a production to get us out the door to anywhere.

Poor Lucy is moaning on the couch right now, so I’ll need to go take a smoke break or something and see what I can do for her. You know, since I’m working. It seems my hours these days are: 8am – 8:40am, 9:30am – 12noon, 1pm – 3pm, 4pm – 5:30pm, 7pm – 11pm. It’s great. Tonight is racquetball night, though, so Julie’s going to have to figure out how to calm the locals for an hour or so.

2 thoughts on “Bird Flu”

  1. I am still not feeling the best but am getting better. Midder there is an age minimum of 63 on Racquetball!

    Hope everyone gets to feeling better.

    Lots of love,

  2. I think your blog backgrounds are pretty cool. Tell Grace to check ours out for comparison! It’s never changed. I do like the picture on ours though. I’ve had one person ask me what it was a picture of, and I had to say I have no idea other than a pretty seacoast shot.

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